Sooo…about that Sire Bond…(TVD related, obviously…)

I know a lot of people on my dash hate it.  I kind of hated it….but not for the reasons that you might think.

I didn’t hate it b/c it was being used to put distance between Damon and Elena.  This isn’t my first shipper rodeo…I know how this works.  My ultimate OTP had one half of the couple kill the other one, and then later, he was twinned, one twin went off with the girl, one twin didn’t, the twin who got the girl got to have a full relationship with her and then died of radiation poisoning and she couldn’t look at the twin who was left without seeing everything that she’d lost.  That went on for like…forever, then they finally got together only to be blown to smithereens in the series finale.

Guys…John and Aeryn are the worst.

They will ruin your life.

So…I’m not against a series putting a couple through the ringer and creating distance that needs to be overcome.

I wasn’t even that bothered by the idea that it robbed Elena of her  agency…mainly b/c I know Damon…and this was the worst thing ever for him, and that he would go above and beyond the extreme to keep from accidentally invoking the sire bond and robbing Elena of her agency…hence my humor posts on him not even ordering a pizza unless she mentioned something about eating and then they would probably have starved (metaphorically speaking of course) before he told her what toppings to put on it for fear of influencing her decision.

Nope…I hated the sire bond b/c I felt it was putting an unnecessary question mark over Elena’s feelings for Damon that I, and everyone else, knew that she had.

We’ve all watched her struggle with the feelings that she had from the jump for the older Salvatore…and that was before he snapped Jeremy’s neck (RIP, Jer) and killed Ric for the second time.

Everyone was already asking “How can you possibly love him?” 

Did we really need the sire bond complicating that question even more? No…I thought.

And I was wrong…and being wrong, I’ve discovered that I kind of love it right now.

And I love it b/c Damon used it to get Elena to turn her humanity off…and by doing so…he just retroactively confirmed that Elena’s feelings for him were real.

They were real b/c…they ain’t there anymore.  

I know that Bex compelled her to tell the truth of her feelings to both Stefan and Caroline…and that that should have taken care of it.

I get that….and yet all I saw from the antis was “Yeah, but the sire bond blah blah blah…it’s not real.  Not really real, anyways.  Stelena4EVA!”

And I found that really annoying, b/c I was like…”God, the show spelled it out and STILL no one believes it.”

So…I was annoyed…”Stupid sire bond,” I thought. “Creating unnecessary problems. Stupid.  Hate you so much, sire bond…SO MUCH.”

And then I started reading Julie’s interviews after Thurs. ep.  And discussing stuff with people…and I realized…This sire bond crap was BRILLIANT.

JP has basically stated, in so many words…that the fact that Damon invoked the sire bond is going to cause major problems with getting Elena to turn her humanity BACK on.

The whole reason Damon was able to invoke the sire bond in the first place was b/c Elena had real, human feelings for him in the first place, those feelings got magnified, and the sire bond was created.

And then Julie said this…”What is their dynamic going to be moving forward when she’s not driven by a love for him necessarily?”

Meaning…that love was there…and b/c he invoked the sire bond and made her turn off her humanity…on some level…that love is going to gone.  Muted.  Divorced from Elena.

And when he goes to get her to turn it back on…and try using the sire bond to do it…it’s not gonna work.

B/c the reasoning behind why it worked in the first place isn’t there anymore.  And neither one of the Salvatores thought about the fact that the sire bond was tied to Elena’s humanity.

It’s fucking hysterical how everyone ignored what Nandi said, like, a hundred times…and them not getting it is what’s going to prove her right.

Elena will have to flip her humanity back on on her own.  Under her OWN terms…not b/c she’s been “forced” to do it…but b/c she WANTS to.

She’ll have to want all of the messiness that comes with having her humanity.  She’ll have to fight for it, really.

And take her agency back in the process.

And proving that all of the stuff that she felt while under the sway of the sire bond was real.

All of it.

Her love for Damon WAS real…for the simple reason that it’s not there anymore b/c her humanity is off.

And how heartbreaking is that?

How fucking ENDGAME is that?

Pretty fucking endgame, you guys, b/c when she does flip the switch…all of those very real emotions are going to come flooding out.

And Damon will HAVE to believe it this time.

I expect there will be lots of sex when that happens.


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